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Plesk – Migrate DB


On source server backup the database. You may use the following command:

On destination server create database DATADASE_NAME on domain DOMAIN.NAME with Plesk CLI /usr/local/psa/bin/database. Assign the same user and password:

Database creation through Plesk CLI /usr/local/psa/bin/database will update Plesk database with appropriate user and password correctly. Run the utility wit “–help” to get list of all available options. After creation it is possible to login to the database through DB WebAdmin in Parallels Plesk Panel on destination server: Domains -> DOMAIN.NAME -> Databases -> DATADASE_NAME -> DB WebAdmin

On destination server restore content of the database from the dump created on source server:



Multiple Virtual FTP Accounts with Plesk


ProFTPD is the FTP software that current versions of Plesk ship with, and thankfully found what I was looking for.

ProFTPD allows you to create multiple virtual users by using an AuthUserFile directive. The AuthUserFile directive sets the path of a textual file containing a list of users and passwords for authentication.


Create a user file

Edit the ProFTPD configuration file. (NOT etc/proftpd.include as Plesk overwrites that file regularly.):


Add this line:


Creat a crypted password


Edit the user file like this:




And finaly, reload proftpd

Plesk – Scripting




Delete DNS


Disable mail for all domains


Add Dns sec in OVH


Pulls email password out of Plesk database for given email address


Recovery all mail accounts


Add SPF records to all domains


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