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Postfix smart hot with gmail


Installation de Postfix


configurationType of mail server : Satellite System
    • Mail Name : (the name you want on your outbound mail)
    • SMTP relay host :
    • Postmaster : I left this blank
    • Other destinations : I left this blank
    • Synchronous Queues : your choice, won’t impact the relaying
    • Network blocks to allow relay : default (unless you know what your doing)
    • Mailbox size : your choice, won’t impact relaying
    • Local address : i left this as ‘+’
    • Listen Address : all, your choice
Editer le fichier de config


Création du fichier de sasl_passwd

Rebuild Hash


Restart postfix


On sécurise un peu



Postfix – Specify output ip per domain


We have to use de function sender_dependent_default_transport_maps.

  • Edit a new file

  • Edit master.conf

  • Edit main config

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